My Family

Still doing a bit of blog catch up.  A few of my own family from fall 2012.  

A big thanks to Maria Mulfort for photographing my family each year.  She took the family pics :)


RJ's Senior Portraits

RJ and I spent some time Downtown Hudson photographing her senior portraits.  I love the style and variety of outfits!  
 Very Clark Kent  :)

 Gorgeous hair and skin, timeless beauty!  So much better than fads of when I was in high school.  Most of us look back and cringe when looking back on our senior pics.

 Stunning eyes!
 I love these of RJ reading!  Amazing autumn light!


This is a session from a few years ago of my assistant Maria and her family.  For some reason I have neglected to post them the last few years so I will do a bit of catching up.

Liam showing me how he counts :)

Such sweetness!


I love it when a family invites me to photograph a portrait session at their home.  Mac showed me all the fun things he likes to do in his yard.

 There is always a more comfortable, natural feel to the photographs I take at someone's home.

 Hahaha!  Love that Mac winked at me :)

Ms. Baela

Oh my, such a pretty girl!  Baela's eyes are amazing in the shot...

Sometime I need to squeeze in a very quick portrait session.  This was one of those times.  I didn't have much for location but a few trees and an adorable, cooperative little girl... that's all it took to capture some beautiful portraits.

Oscarson Family

I had fun photographing these sweet girls and their beloved dog Clyde at their home.

 Even Clyde smiled often for me :)