Dan and Amanda's Wedding

I photographed Dan and Amanda’s wedding last Saturday. They are such a sweet and gorgeous couple. Their love for each other is quite evident. Amanda handled the few wedding day glitches with such grace. Dan was so calm and at ease. Amanda and Dan had the good fortune of having a rainy wedding. Honestly, rain on the wedding day is lucky in many cultures. It is believed convey a strong marriage, fertility and fortune. Since we were unable to get outside for pictures on the wedding day, I photographed Amanda and Dan again a few days later at a park. It was a great opportunity to capture beautiful and emotional portraits.

Amanda and Dan:
I wish you both-
Long life, great joy, much love, few tears and good luck,
Though all your years!



Scarlet and Noah: Awaiting Baby

Scarlet's due date is fast approaching and she is doing well, some how surviving the last few weeks during the dog days of summer. I photographed Scarlet a few weeks ago as a surprise for Noah. He was delighted that she was able to pull off the surprise and loved the portraits. We of course had to do another session with the excited Daddy to be. Stay tuned for newborn portraits coming in September! They are expecting a girl. I have so many adorable "girly" ideas for the newborn session!

If you want to see my favs from the previous session go back to Aug 2.


Jordan and Joy

I photographed Jordan and Joy's wedding back in March. I suggested the idea of doing a wedding portrait session in the summer. They loved the idea and Joy was excited to be able to wear her dress again.

There has been a new trend in the wedding photography industry to have a photo shoot after the wedding to "Trash the Dress". Check out Basically the session involves the couple getting into the ocean, waterfall, lake, water fountain, etc... It is edgy and amazing photography. Even though the dress usually ends up in plastic in the back of the closet, a trash the dress session may not be for every bride. But if you are a bride willing and interested, CALL ME!!!

A wedding portrait session, however, is appealing to all couples. It allows more time to focus on the connection, emotion and love the couple shares. The wedding day can be so hectic! A relaxed day outdoors in a beautiful location transforms into beautiful portraits. It is much easier to do fun and creative poses, without the worries of getting the dress dirty.

A wedding portrait session allows for a great variety of locations. Jordan and Joy could never have this much variety on their wedding day alone. We started out on the Wisconsin side of Interstate Park . Then we headed over to the Minnesota side (love the old stone building and wall) so we could get to the water's edge. We ended up in downtown St. Croix Falls, so much fun! The first time I had Jordan and Joy in the middle of the street, they quickly walked to the curb after a shot or two. I had warned them that the drivers would honk their horns, but for the fun of it. Joy was so sweet, she was worried about the drivers having to wait and that their honking was serious. I convinced her to do it again. This time Jordan picked her up in the middle of the street and a guy waiting in his truck yelled out "I want a picture of that one!". Joy finally believed us that no one minded waiting!

Congrats Jordan and Joy! I truly enjoyed photographing your wedding day and your wedding portrait session.

Here are a few favorites. It was so hard to pick the ones to post here, I would post 50 if I could. There are so many more that I absolutely love!

Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding day in March.