Portrait Parties

I am excited to announce my fun new portrait service, Portrait Party! Now is a great time of year to plan a party in an outdoor location!

What is a Portrait Party?

A Portrait Party is an exciting opportunity for you and your friends to have professional portraits taken with no session fees. Portrait Parties take place in your home (if you are the host) or an outdoor location such as a park or backyard. The host invites friends and families, provides light refreshments and earns credit toward portraits. My portable studio comes to your home and I photography mini-sessions. The guests are welcome to bring their families, pets, props, anything or anyone whom they would like to be included in their portraits.

How many people do I need to invite?

As many as you can! I require at least 5 guests/mini-sessions to award hostess benefits, so you should over-invite to ensure you have enough guests.

What are the charges for my guests?

There are no session fees or charges for the guests to have portraits taken. No selling will occur at the party. All proofs will be available for viewing online within 5-7 business days after the party. All orders for prints must be placed within 10 days of the date they are posted online.

What are my obligations as the host?

I will need space for setting up my backgrounds and lights (a family room works well), or an outdoor setting appropriate for portraits. You should provide light refreshments and provide a guest list for at least 10 people. You will be responsible for scheduling 15 minute mini-sessions. After the party is completed I will let you know when the proofs are online, you are responsible for letting your guests know they are available for viewing and for collecting all orders. When the prints come in, you will deliver them to your guests.

How do I schedule a Portrait Party?

Contact Dominique for a Portrait Party info package. Familiarize yourself with the forms and information. Contact Dominique with to ensure availability, you might come up with several prospective dates to ensure everyone’s schedules coordinate. Provide addresses and/or email for those on your guest list.

What are the benefits to hosting a Portrait Party?

The primary benefit of hosting a Portrait Party is to earn enough portrait credits to pay for your portraits. When you have 5 or more guests, you will receive a free 8x10. In addition, you will receive portrait credit totaling 10% of your party’s sales. Earn 20% credit if your party sales exceed $500, or 30% if sales exceed $700. You earn additional rewards if your guests decide to book a full portrait session, portrait party of their own, or sign up for a membership.

I’m attending my first Portrait Party, what should I do?

Your host will let you know what color background will be used for the party so you can dress appropriately. I suggest solid color clothing that is similar to the background color. Avoid stripes, plaid and prints! They are too distracting. For portraits with more than one individual, solids are very important, try to match the solid colors.

For example:
Everyone wearing jeans or khaki’s
For shirts colors choose one of the following: white, navy, brown, or black (good options for males/females).
For all girls or all boys the matching of solids is much easier.

You will need to fill out the Portrait Party Guest Form and return it to the host before the party date.

Approximately 5-7 business days after the party you will receive an email with instructions to view the proofs online. The proofs will be available online for 10 days. You place your order online and print a copy of your order for your host. You submit the copy of your order and payment to your host. Your host is credited a percentage of the total sales towards her own portraits.

Please let your host know if you will not be able to make your scheduled session. Your host has put a lot of effort into the Portrait Party!


Available Wedding Dates Summer 2007


  • August 4

  • August 25

  • September 15

  • September 29


  • July 13

  • August 3

  • August 10

  • August 17

  • August 24

  • August 31

  • September 7

  • September 14

  • September 21

  • September 28

Senior Rep Program

The first 2 seniors per high school receive free rep cards (like business cards) with your picture on it to hand out to friends.

For each card that gets returned to me you earn credit towards your portrait order.

Your friends that turn in the card and book a session will receive 15% off their portrait order.

Sign up now! Rep sessions must be photographed by June 15th.

Senior Portraits

Included in all Sessions:
Online proofs for 90 days
15% off portrait order in placed within 7 days
Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets, vehicles welcomed at no extra charge

Specialty Products and Extras:

  • Retouching
  • Colorizing (black and white with selective color)
  • Composites
  • 5x7 photo announcements
  • Folded cards
  • 2x3.5'' Rep cards
  • Metallic, Canvas and Gallery Wrap Prints
  • Press Printed Albums/Coffee Table Books

Senior Rep Program- Free promotional materials for first 2 seniors per high school and earn free portraits! Senior Rep Sessions must be photographed by June 15th.

Call for details 612-203-3025 715-246-7822

Serving all High Schools in the Twin Cities and Western WI