Lydia and Natalie

These cuties are near and dear to my heart.  I've known their Mommy since college.  It's been so fun to watch them grow over the years.  I was just getting started with my business when Natalie was born and now she's in preschool!  I photographed this session in Historic Downtown Hudson WI.  A perfect setting for little girls wearing bright colors.  

 These girls have the most amazing blue eyes!

 The silly and laughing family pics are always my favorites.  Real life ones are always the best!

Miss Baela Rae

Little Miss Baela Rae is 18 months and is so sweet and cuddly!  She didn't give me super big smiles very easily.  I really had to work for these couple of big smiles... 

 Such pretty features she has, especially her lips!
Love this one!!! This is mostly how Baela was during the session, observing my antics with a stoic expression on her face.
 I love this one too, such a pretty girl!


A Country Multi-Family Session

This is a great county location I can use any time I wish.  It looks great anytime of year.  This session was shared by two families.  Something I love to do!  It's a great way to get portraits of the cousins together.  My sessions are 1.5hr long, which is plenty long enough to photograph several family groupings.  

 This is one of my all time favorite sister portraits.  Absolutely precious!
 The girls had to show me their super model poses, too cute!
 Her curls are amazing!

 This cutie does the most adorable things with her hand.

 Such a cute coat!

 She just turned one and had the confidence to run/stumble off in to the grass nearly as tall as her.


A growing little family

Bear is going to be a big brother!  His little sister is due at the end of October.  I can't wait to meet her!  I love the brown tones of the field. This was photographed just before the leaves started changing.  

Love this toddler on the belly shot.  Joy looks so beautiful again!    

 I've been playing with some vintage tones.  Really love the look in the field setting.
 He's a busy boy!  Jordan and Joy are gonna have their hands full when the baby comes :)

Mark and Katie's Senior Portraits

I had such a great time getting to know Katie and Mark, twins graduating in 2012.  They are both so sweet and similar in some ways but very different in many others.  Their summer job has been selling corn so we had to do some of their senior portraits in a corn field.  I love the look of the corn field with the plaid shirts and Katie's great boots.  We also went to Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI for some gorgeous greenery and the waterfall.  While we were at the falls a huge snake was hanging out on a log in the water.  Then it slithered off the log and swam across the water!  Unbelievable!       

Here is the huge snake, I think it was a bull snake.  It was about 10 feet away from us.  It was so cool to see it swim, at least I thought so.  It definitely freaked out several people.

Katie and Mark are well known for rough housin',  Katie makes Mark give her piggy back rides all the time.  It was fun getting shots of them messing around.


Jeremy and Candie's Wedding

Candie and Jeremy were married on 9-10-11!  I had an amazing time getting to know this awesome couple over the past year.  I know I must say it a lot but I really do get the best couples.  Jeremy was really the best groom I've worked with.  He even asked to do a few more pics because they really had some ideas of their own. And Candie... wow, she is so beautiful!  Seriously, movie star gorgeous!  She had such an amazing attitude through out the planning and on the wedding day.

Here is a sampling of their little white country church wedding (West Immanuel Lutheran Church in Osceola, WI and reception at R&D Catering Banquet Facility in New Richmond, WI).  Love the elegance of the details!  With the choice of sapphire blue (with a pop of orange), there was no shortage of something blue.  One of my favorite wedding trends is brides in colored shoes.