Prichard Family

I met this family a year ago and it was great to photograph the Prichard family again.  They invited me to their new home and Jake had fun showing me how he plays in his new yard.  He loves to climb trees and play in the leaves.  Boys can be really fun to photograph!
 Jake has quite the role model in his life.  A role model that is a soldier and a firefighter!

Theobald Family

If I could only photography in one location and one location only, I think this would be it.  And I will never photograph a session here ever again.  Unless the Theobald's invite me back!  This beautiful field with amazing maples, red in autumn glory, is the lot they are building their next home on.  I can't wait to see it with a home,  it's a pretty place to start the next chapter of their life.  Such a wonderful idea Wendy had to photograph her family's portrait session here!

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.  This belongs on the wall of the new home...

Another fave!!! Love this one!
Ms.Gretchen was a bit chilly.  I love this daddy & daughter moment.

Kelsie's Senior Session

Kelsie was such an easy senior to photograph,  Her request was simple... "something outside".  I knew she had grown up in a small town and loves to hunt and spend time in the outdoors.  Location selection was so easy!  I also said bring a few outfits you love and several more and I'll help you choose, she did just that.  

 This is one of my all time favorite locations for water as a background,  Love the sparkle of the river!  I knew the camo was perfect for Kelsie since she loves to hunt, but once she put the jacket on... Wow it looked amazing with her hair!  Who knew camo could look this amazing?

 Such a pretty girl!  Fair skin, with the perfect amount of freckles.  And amazing eyes!

Mulfort Family

Fall, a field, only one kiddo to wrangle... Fun session! Love the outfit choices for the fall colors in this field, perfect!

 Family hug :)

 This is Liam's scary face, cutest scary face I've ever seen!


Kelly Family

Downtown Stillwater was the perfect setting for this fantastically dressed family,  The color and style suits the urban setting so well. 
So sweet!
Oh the curls and beautiful blue eyes... dreamy!!!

FOUR pairs of glasses!  Yep that's how many this little dude went through in one year.