Lafferty Family Portraits

I photographed the Lafferty family at Como. They had to put up with the hot humid weather and even a slight drizzle yet they still look gorgeous.

Landon was happy just as long as Daddy played with him and held him just right. Sometimes dads have that magic touch.

I LOVE this one!!! Lauren is 2 and the best thing in the world to a 2 year old is to be chased.

Lauren has the most amazing blue eyes, wow!


Maddie's Senior Portrait Session

We went downtown Hudson for Maddie's Senior Portraits. There is so much variety in a short walk, such awesome color and a grungy urban feel.

I love doing sports shots in urban settings.

And to the beach for a few. Love this one, Maddie's eyes sparkle!


Bear's Newborn Portraits

Meet Bear! This not so little guy is a week old. I think the name Bear especially suits him since he was 9 lbs 1 0z and 21.5 inches at birth.

Bear has such big beautiful eyes, even when he is a bit sleepy.

Aww, such beauty... Snuggle him and enjoy every minute Joy, it goes so fast.
Love the chubby cheeks and chins!


Lisa and Robert

We luckily had a dry day to do some extra pictures. Lisa and Robert have quite the history of rainy days. Their wedding was in June and it downpoured the entire day. The session is one version of a trash the dress session. Lisa didn't mind getting her dress a little dirty but certainly didn't want to trash it. We went to a few locations at Como and got some great variety. I think we really captured the pretty greenery that Lisa had hoped for on her wedding day.